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Thunderstorms on the mountain: 5 tips to minimize risk

Thunderstorms are one of the greatest dangers on the mountain. What should you do if you are caught by thunder and lightning on the mountain? Five tips.

Study: Five glaciers did not change in length

The glacier measurement service of the Austrian Alpine Association (ÖAV) presented current data on the situation of 92 examined glaciers.

Calling up the Alpine associations: no mountain tours, no climbing or bouldering and no ski tours

The Alpine clubs in Switzerland, Germany and Austria call for no mountain tours and no climbing or bouldering.

More and more city dwellers go to the alpine clubs

Over 573 people are now members of the Austrian Alpine Association ÖAV. The members of the German Alpine Association DAV have also more than doubled since 000. Both clubs gained an above-average number of members from the urban and non-Alpine populations. In Vienna alone, the Alpine Club counts an impressive 2000 in 2018...


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The shame on K2 | Documentary film

Summiteers left the seriously injured Muhammad Hassan lying on K2 without helping. How could this happen?

Seb Bouin repeats lapse (9b) and downgrades

Sébastien Bouin succeeds in repeating the Lapsus route (9b). He downgrades the route first climbed by Stefano Ghisolfi to 9a+.

Adam Ondra opens with B je to! (9b) the most difficult route in Croatia

Adam Ondra manages the first free ascent of Route B ever! (9b). It is the most difficult sport climbing route in Croatia.

Film tip: Hard routes, greasy holds, long departures – Kruder & Piccolruaz during deep water soloing

In this video, Lacrux TV accompanies climbing professionals Jernej Kruder and Michael Piccolruaz during deep water soloing. A must see!