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Roger Schaeli climbs 50 meter stamina

Roger Schaeli has been working on overhanging sport climbing routes in Spain for a long time. Today he announced the ascent of Gorilas in Niebla (8b +) in Oliana. The status of...

Video about the celebration of the 8c-Boulder Witness the Fitness by Jernej Kruder

The Slovenian top climber Jernej Kruder snapped a 9a route and an 8c boulder within two days at the beginning of the month. The following video report shows the pictures of the...

Patxi Usobiaga climbs a tough new start in Oliana

The Basque climber and coach Patxi Usobiaga opens a new tour with Patxitxulo and proposes grade 9a/+. Anyone who has ever been to Oliana...

Cedric Lachat seems to be good for the Spanish sun

A few days ago, Cedric Lachat climbed the Estado Critico (9a) route in the Spanish sports climbing area of ​​Siurana. Like so many athletes, Cedric Lachat frolics in Spain...

Beni Blaser and Kevin Heiniger are rowing Boulder

The two Bernese climbers Beni Blaser and Kevin Heiniger published a video about their trip to the Spanish bouldering area Albarracin a few days ago. Do you look...

Pol Roca Decrypts Double Bubble (8b +)

Pol Roca managed the first ascent of a complex and super hard boulder in the Catalonian bouldering area Comarca near Barcelona. For the Double Bubble line,...

Daila Ojeda: The love of rock connects climbers

Daila Ojeda is one of the best climbers on our planet. She was with Chris Sharma for a long time. Almost every old climbing video by Chris...

Piotr Schab as fit as never before

A few days after the Pole Piotr Schab redpointed two 9a's in one day, he secured himself with the route L'espiadimonis in the Cova Boix...


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Climbing professionals criticize IFSC for NEOM Masters in Saudi Arabia

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For once, Schubert upgrades instead of depreciating Clash of the Titans (9b)

Jakob Schubert repeated Clash of the Titans (9a+). Now, after some reflection, he suggests upgrading the route to 9b.

Simon Gietl: “Being able to climb something like that at the beginning of November is like a birthday and Christmas together.”

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