Niky Ceria Off the Wagon low bouldering

Bouldering world elite besieged blocks in Ticino

The international bouldering elite are currently cavorting in the Swiss sun parlor - from Woods to Graham, they are all there. This high density of strong climbers is also reflected in the fact that numerous classics have been repeated, hard boulders have been projected and new lines have been climbed for the first time.

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Will Bosi Excalibur Arco Climbing

Will Bosi climb Ghisolfi's mega-project Excalibur soon?

With Stefano Ghisolfi, Adam Ondra and Jakob Schubert, three of the world's best climbers joined forces in spring 2022 to wring an ascent of the potential 9c line Excalibur - without success. Will Bosi has been staying in Arco for a short time. After just one day, the strong Scot was able to do all 18 moves and climb the route in three stages.

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Nalle Hukkataival at Burden of Dreams_Lappnor-Project bouldering

These are the most difficult boulders in the world

Officially there are currently two 9A boulders: Return of the Sleepwalker and Burden of Dreams. Both have not yet been repeated. Soudain Seul was demoted once and then upgraded again, currently checking in at 8c+/9a. Unofficially there are at least two other boulder problems that belonged at the top of the list of the most difficult boulders in the world, but Shawn Raboutou does not want to reveal them yet.

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