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Wild camping and bivouacking in Austria - what is legal?

Is it allowed to pitch a tent on the mountain? Can you just stay overnight in a camper van everywhere? Wild camping in the Austrian mountains can quickly lead into a maze of laws. A guide from the Austrian Alpine Association.

Robert Renzler dies in a climbing accident

Robert Renzler died in a climbing accident last weekend. The 67-year-old fell more than 60 meters while abseiling.

Raffle: Brit Rock Film Tour 2023

The Brit Rock Film Tour stops in German-speaking countries, more specifically in Austria. The best British climbing films will be screened at 21 venues between 19 April and 10 May 2023. Lacrux is giving away 5x2 tickets among its community members.

Wallet made of bibliography rope by Stefano Ghisolfi

Daniela Zech has dedicated herself to upcycling climbing ropes. Win a wallet from Ghisolfi's bibliography rope now.

Switzerland and Austria award national titles

At the weekend, the climbing associations in Switzerland and Austria chose their national champions. Sascha Lehmann and Zoé Egli are the new Swiss champions in lead climbing. In Innsbruck, Jessica Pilz and Georg Parma won the overall Bouldering and Lead rankings.

Ski area expansions - do you need that?

Ski area expansions irretrievably destroy sensitive alpine habitats. The latest documentary film Vanishing Lines by the US outdoor specialist Patagonia raises awareness for this topic.

The Mountains on Stage film festival stops in Switzerland, Germany & Austria

The mountain film festival Mountains on Stage is back with a brand new program and tour in over 130 cities in 18 European countries. The German-speaking tour starts on November 29, 2021 in Zurich and stops in 13 cities in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. As the official media partner, LACRUX is giving away tickets for a demonstration of your choice.

Alexander Megos climbs Intermezzo XY solved (9a) flash

The German professional climber Alexander Megos succeeds in the flash ascent of the 9a route Intermezzo XY solved at Plombergstein.