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Billi Bierling: There is no way around her for expeditions

Billi Bierling has worked for the Himalayan Database, the archive of legendary Himalayan chronicler Elizabeth Hawley, for almost twenty years. She is known for cruising the busy streets of Kathmandu on her bicycle to interview expedition climbers from around the world. In her book, she tells of the fascination of expedition mountaineering in the Himalayas and her commitment to people in need.

Climbing the North of the South: Ossola Rock | climbing guide

The north of Italy offers a wealth of climbing areas. We present the climbing guide Ossola Rock with areas like Cadarese or Croveo.

"Safe on the mountain" now available in bookstores

The book series Safe on the Mountain for beginners and advanced skiers from the Austrian Alpine Club is now available in bookshops.

Gift ideas for climbers and boulderers

Shortly before Christmas or during the year on a birthday, the question always comes up: What do you give a climber? We have compiled numerous products for you that will delight every climber.

Yoga series for climbers: Exercise for more shoulder stability

In today's issue, Petra shows you how to prevent pain in the shoulder joint with the yoga exercise side support push-ups.

52 times on the Eiger: Roger Schäli presents his book “Passion Eiger”

On September 10, 2020, Roger Schäli will present his new book "Passion Eiger" in the Bächli Bergsport branch in Thun. We're giving away three...

How to use fear as a driving force: tips from climbing icon Alexander Huber

Alexander Huber is one of the best climbers in the world. Now he shows how you can use your fears as a driving force

The bouldering guide for Brione is here - Verzasca Boulder

The Bouldering Guide for Brione, Verzasca Boulder, is here. 160 pages, 19 sectors and hundreds of dreamlines to discover in the Verzasca Valley.