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Sascha Lehmann: “I want to make it to the final at the Olympics”

Interview with Swiss professional climber Sascha Lehmann: Successful Olympic qualification, feelings of happiness and expectations.

Philipp Geisenhoff: “That was my best bouldering day so far”

What a day for Philipp Geisenhoff: The strong Swiss climbs four hard boulders up to 8B+ in the Rocklands.

“A solid 9A”: Aidan Roberts on Arrival of the Birds

Aidan Roberts confirms 9A boulder. How he experienced the ascent of Arrival of the Birds and why he rates the line 9A.

Tough boulders repeated and first ascended

Hard Sends: Sam Weir repeats Fuck The System, the ultimate Fionnay test piece. Elias Iagnemma opens Afrodite (8B+) in Piedmont.

Superwoman Shauna Coxsey boulders Superman (8B) | Video

What a bouldering year: Shauna Coxsey repeats the Jerry Moffatt Testpiece Superman (8B) in the Peak District.

Lukas Mayerhofer expands Zangerl test piece: Anam Cara low (8C)

The Austrian boulderer Lukas Mayerhofer opens a low start to the Zangerl testpiece Anam Cara: Anam Cara low (8C).

Endurance training on the sofa: What can grip trainers do?

Endurance training on the sofa? Lattice investigated the myth of how endurance training can be done with a hand gripper.

Urban bouldering until the police arrive

Ever heard of buildering? This combination of bouldering and obstacle course is very popular in London. Magnus Midtbo tried it out.