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Storing climbing equipment correctly: tips from the pros

The summer season is drawing to a close. Climbing finches, ropes and carabiners wander into the cellar during the days. So that there are no nasty surprises next year, we'll show you how to properly clean and store your equipment - with practical tips from professionals Katherine Choong and Roger Schäli.

Warmth for cool autumn days on the rock: the Atom LT Hoody from Arc'teryx

The lightweight thermal jacket Atom LT Hoody by Arc'teryx keeps you cozy and warm on autumn days when climbing rocks.

Recipe: make your own hand cream for climbing

We'll show you how to use purely natural ingredients to make your own hand cream that you can use to pep up your battered climbing hands.

It couldn't be more gaudy: climbing equipment in pink

This gear from Black Diamond is more eye-catching than anything before. The Rope Dry 8.9 climbing rope, the Hotforge Hybrid quickdraw, the Vapor helmet and the...

This rope is made from old ropes: NEO 3R from Edelrid

The most sustainable rope in the world has been on the market for a few days: the NEO 3R from Edelrid. It is made from 50% old ropes.

Massage pistols for climbers in the test: sense or nonsense

How can massage guns be used in climbing? Where do the massage guns make sense, where don't? We tested three models.