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Dylan Chuat tests injured ring ligament: Action Directe (9a) scores

Dylan Chuat's ring ligament injury seems to have healed. The Swiss climber recently subjected his fingers to a real endurance test and, among other things, repeated the Wolfgang Güllich classic Action Directe (9a) in the Franconian Jura.

Dylan Chuat climbs Thor's Hammer (9a/+) in Flatanger

The French-speaking Swiss climber Dylan Chuat has been staying in the Norwegian climbing Mecca Flatanger since the beginning of July. In the famous Hanhelleren Cave he scored various difficult routes, including Adam Ondra's endurance line Thor's Hammer.

Dylan Chuat scores Hyper Final (9a+) at Rawyl

Dylan Chuat gets the second ascent of Hyper Final and climbs his first 9a + in the Valais climbing area Rawyl. The route was set up by Bertrand Martenet. The first ascent is due to Adam Ondra, who climbed the route in 2016.

Dylan Chuat pulls Super Finale (9a) and Le voile de Maya (8b+/8c) in Rawyl

The French-speaking Swiss climber Dylan Chuat is in good shape: in the Valais climbing area Rawyl he scored the two routes Super Finale (9a) and Le Voile de Maya (8b+/8c) within one session last week.

Rocktober: 9a's fall like the leaves

In the past few weeks, we have received an above-average number of reports about inspections. Philipp Geisenhoff opened a new difficult route in the Basler Jura, Alexander Rohr and Dylan Chuat each scored two 9a's, Katherine Choong climbed a difficult MSL tour and Yannick Flohe flashed an 8b boulder.

Michelle Hulliger and Dylan Chuat are the lead Swiss champions in 2021

At the end of the Swiss Climbing Cup 2021, the lead climbing championship was awarded yesterday in the Griffig climbing hall in Uster. Last year's winner Dylan Chuat successfully defended his title among the elite men. Michelle Hulliger won the women's gold medal.

Samuel Ometz and Dylan Chuat successful in Ticino

The two climbers from western Switzerland, Samuel Ometz and Dylan Chuat, score highly on the 9a routes Baba Yaga and Coup de grâce, respectively.

Dylan Chuat opens Boulder SBédo (8b) in Val Bavona

Dylan Chuat announces the first ascent of a new difficult bouldering line in Val Bavona (Ticino): SBédo (8b).


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