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Better dynamic climbing | Pro tip

No more dynamo frustration: With this exercise from top athlete Shauna Coxsey you will get better at dynamic climbing.

Fitpass: The GA for climbers

Does the cost keep you from training in different climbing and bouldering gyms? Are you tired of having to choose a provider? Then we have just the thing for you: the Fitpass.

Yannick Flohé in one of the most difficult indoor routes in the world: Yellow Godzilla (9b)

This video shows Yannick Flohé projecting what is perhaps the world's most difficult indoor climbing route, Yellow Godzilla (9b).

What a sticky climbing shoe! Unparallel's Souped Up review

We tested what is perhaps the stickiest climbing shoe for you, the Souped Up by Unparallel, in the climbing hall and on the rock. You can find out how the shoe fared in the following video. AND: You can win a model - tailor-made for you, even before the official market launch!

Climbing halls suffer from certification requirements

Since the introduction of the certificate requirement in mid-September, most climbing facilities have seen a significant drop in visitors. The introduction of chargeable tests prevents additional guests from visiting the climbing facilities. Meanwhile, the operating costs continue unchecked while the income dwindles. IG Kletteranlagen is demanding more understanding and support from politicians for the companies that have already been severely affected by the Corona crisis.

Bouba bouldering hall: "We want to build the largest sports community in Baden"

The dream of your own bouldering hall. What began in summer 2020 with a simple text message has become reality a year and a half later: Bouba - short for bouldering hall Baden - is about to open. We talked to the two founders Kevin Huser and Dimitri Canonica about visions, the climbing community and holey sewer pipes.

Who is screwing the most difficult boulder: Magnus Midtbo vs. Pete Whittaker

The powerhouse Magnus Midtbo or the crack specialist Pete Whittaker: Who is going to screw the more difficult boulder?

Developed for the gym: the La Sportiva Theory climbing shoe

La Sportiva has developed a special climbing shoe for dynamic moves and wide volumes when climbing indoors: The Theory.