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Video: Dave Graham succeeds in Squalo Bianco, Florian Wientjes on a successful solo mission

The American Dave Graham is almost a fixture in Ticino. His most recent video shows him inspecting the Giuliano Cameroni line Squalo Bianco (8b +). Also in Ticino, but only for three days, was the German boulderer Florian Wintjes. He managed several highballs and the Kubalik (8b+) and Conquistador direct (8b) lines.

Video: Jakob Schubert successful in Ticino

Jakob Schubert presents the second video of his Ticino trip from spring 2021. The video shows the ascent of impressive and difficult lines such as The Kingdom, Kubalik and more.

Giuliano Cameroni commits numerous new boulders in Brione

Giuliano Cameroni opened a number of new lines in the bouldering area of ​​Brione around a year ago. Part of it is published in the following video.

Giuliano Cameroni succeeds 8b + first ascent Kubalik in Brione

The Ticino climber Giuliano Cameroni opens a new heavy line in Brione, Verzasca Valley: Kubalik (8b +).