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Why the muscle-up exercise helps you climb

Static and precise climbing is important. But sometimes you need dynamism. Today we show you why muscle-up is important for climbing.

This is how you train explosive power for dynamic moves

If you have a rather static climbing style despite good strength, then you should integrate the Flying Knees exercise into your training. A guest contribution by Christoph Völker...

With the Muscle Up you train your explosive power

Do you know the muscle up? With the Muscle Up you train your explosive power in an effective way. But not only pure power is required, but...


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A dream, two dirt bags, 3000 meters of climbing

Film tip: The two dirtbags Drew Herder and Ben Wilbur try to conquer the longest climbing route in the world in the Long Wall.

America's Hardest Crack Lines Repeated

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The climbing shoe for hooking: Black Diamond Method S

With the Method S, Black Diamond has developed a sophisticated climbing shoe that performs well in sport climbing and bouldering.

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