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New bouldering sector opened in Chironico: Full Ring

The Chironico bouldering area in Ticino already has several thousand bouldering lines, making it one of the most popular destinations in the climbing scene. Now Nils Favre from western Switzerland has opened a new sector near Schattental. This video introduces most of the boulders.

Swiss Climbing Cup in the minimum Leutsch | Info & live stream

At the first Swiss Climbing Cup of the season in early March, bouldering specialists Sofya Yokoyama and Nils Favre won. Today is the second round of the Minimum Leutsch and it promises to be exciting, especially as it is the last chance for the participants to qualify for the Swiss Championships on April 1st in L'Entrepôt in Bulle.

Climb it like Graham: Nils Favre climbs The Story of two Worlds (8C)

Nils Favre climbs his "side project" The Story of two Worlds (8C) in Cresciano. He repeats the Ticino classic without a kneepad and thus in the same way as Dave Graham opened it 18 years ago.

Recent bouldering videos | Roadkill, Tomba & Co

It's no secret: Ticino has had perfect climbing conditions for a long time. This was used by various pros to score heavy lines. So Dave Graham and Clement Lechaptois got the fourth and fifth ascent of Roadkill 8C. Nils Favre from western Switzerland gets Tomba 8B+ and Heritage 8B/+ as well as General Dissaray 8B and Casavino 8B+ in one day.

Nils Favre climbs dream line Off the Wagon (8b +)

Nils Favre from western Switzerland successfully climbs the Ticino ultra-classic Off the Wagon (8b +). A long-term dream for the Swiss elite climber.

Nils Favre and Symon Welfringer climb Paciencia (8a) on the Eiger

Nils Favre and Symon Welfringer climb one of the most difficult routes on the Eiger north face with Paciencia (8a, 900m).

Nils Favre and Siebe Vanhee climb the multi-pitch route Parzival (8b)

Nils Favre and Siebe Vanhee manage the second and third repetitions of the Parzival route (8b, 6SL, 150 meters) on the Trinity.

Dimitri Vogt climbs difficult turning route Zahir rotpunkt

The Bernese climber Dimi Vogt manages a one-day red point ascent of the route Zahir (8b +, 300m) on the Wendenstöcken in the Bernese Oberland.