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Legendary boulder repeated: Flo Wientjes climbs Off the Wagon low (8C +)

The strong boulderer Flo Wientjes cracks the ultra-classic of Val Bavona: Off the Wagon low (8C+). After the Munich native deciphered the standing start fairly quickly in December, he tackled the sit start version first climbed by Shawn Raboutou.

Olympic champion climbs Off the Wagon (8B+) almost in one session

Olympic gold medalist Alberto Gines Lopez almost repeated the Ticino classic Off the Wagon (8B+) in just one session. The 20-year-old Spaniard made the key move five times in a row. In the end, a soaking wet exit forced him to make a second visit to Val Bavona.

The agony of choice: three current videos from Off the Wagon low (8c +)

As we wrote recently, the Boulder Off the Wagon in Val Bavona has been under siege in the past few weeks. The result of this are two new inspections and three current videos. We present the latest three videos of the boulder.

Yannick Flohé and Sergei Topishko boulder Off the Wagon low (8c +)

Within a few days, the ultra-classic of Val Bavona, Off the Wagon, with its low-start version, is celebrated twice. Yannick Flohé and Sergei Topishko were successful.

Simon Lorenzi: Off the Wagon sit (8c +) bouldered

The Belgian Simon Lorenzi succeeds in the sit-start version of the legendary boulder Off the Wagon in Val Bavona, Ticino.

Giuliano Cameroni celebrates Off the Wagon sit (8c +)

The Swiss boulderer Giuliano Cameroni manages the fourth ascent of the sit-start version (8c +) of the ultra-classic Off the Wagon in Val Bavona.

Nils Favre climbs dream line Off the Wagon (8b +)

Nils Favre from western Switzerland successfully climbs the Ticino ultra-classic Off the Wagon (8b +). A long-term dream for the Swiss elite climber.

Marco Müller celebrates Off the Wagon (8b +) in Val Bavona

Marco Müller succeeds in ascent of the Bavona classic Off the Wagon. The following video shows his ascent.