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Species protection vs climbing: Badener Wand is threatened with complete closure

The Battert in the northwest of the Black Forest is a popular climbing area, many traditional routes are located here on the Badener Wand. In order to protect the peregrine falcon's nesting sites there, the regional council in Karlsruhe is planning to close the wall for climbers. The Alpine Club and the Black Forest Club are opposed to this and are demanding a compromise

Summit dispute settled: Graubündner Kantonalbank is dismantling summit advertising

On the occasion of its 150th anniversary, the Bündner Kantonalbank had put up panels with QR codes on just as many peaks in the canton. Mountain Wilderness was bothered by these electronic summit books and demanded their immediate dismantling. The bank is now complying with the request and will dismantle the panels by 2023.

Summit dispute broke out in the Alps: 150 billboards installed

A summit dispute has broken out in the Graubünden mountains. A Swiss bank has installed billboards on 150 peaks - the nature conservation organization Mountain Wilderness is declaring war on the campaign. We spoke to both sides.

In Olympic fever: This is how speed climbing works

In anticipation of the Olympics, we are approaching the discipline of speed climbing in a self-experiment in the 12th edition of the BETA program and challenge you to a duel: Who can beat our best time? The top five win a pair of Unparallel climbing shoes of their choice.

The Lorüns climbing area is threatened - petition launched

The two professional climbers Barbara Zangerl and Jacopo Larcher have launched a petition to save the Lorüns climbing area. The area is located on the property of Steinbruch Lorüns GmbH.

The sport climbing area Céüse is threatened with closure

The European Space Agency ESA is planning a new research site in Europe, in the middle of France - on the Céüse plateau. Climbing could be over by 2030. What is behind it and what can we do about the project?

Will the Fontainebleau bouldering area be drilling for oil soon?

Fontainebleau is one of the best and most popular bouldering areas in the world. Now the oil multinational Bridgeoil wants to drill for oil there.

Magic Wood bouldering area: Community terminates lease agreement with Saluz family

The waves go wild in the nationally and internationally known and popular bouldering area Magic Wood. The Saluz long-term tenant family received notice of termination from the municipality of Ferrera. What is going on in the Aver Valley? Will the Magic Wood bouldering area soon lose its magic? LACRUX spoke to Thomas Saluz and the Mayor Albert Rauch.



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