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Philipp Geisenhoff: “That was my best bouldering day so far”

What a day for Philipp Geisenhoff: The strong Swiss climbs four hard boulders up to 8B+ in the Rocklands.

Bouldering world elite besieged blocks in Ticino

The international bouldering elite are currently cavorting in the Swiss sun room - from Woods to Graham, they are all there. This high density of strong climbers is also reflected in the fact that numerous classics have been repeated, hard boulders have been projected and new lines have been climbed for the first time.

Swiss climbing crew discovers new DWS sector with lines up to 8c

The DWS Mecca Mallorca has one more Psicobloc spot thanks to the Swiss climbers Philipp Geisenhoff, Marco Müller, Benjamin Weber, Benjamin Schelker and Flo Weber. At Cala Magrana they found a virgin rock ledge and opened six new routes there, including Poseidon's Kiss (8c).

Rocktober: 9a's fall like the leaves

In the past few weeks, we have received an above-average number of reports about inspections. Philipp Geisenhoff opened a new difficult route in the Basler Jura, Alexander Rohr and Dylan Chuat each scored two 9a's, Katherine Choong climbed a difficult MSL tour and Yannick Flohe flashed an 8b boulder.

Philipp Geissenhoff scores 9a route in the realm of the Shogun

The young Swiss climber Philipp Geissenhoff succeeds in the red point ascent of the route Im Reich des Shogung (9a).

Marco Müller, Philipp Geisenhoff and Alex Rohr give full throttle in Céüse

The climbing scene gathered in Céüse. Marco Müller, Philipp Geisenhoff and Alexander Rohr were among the party.

Philipp Geisenhoff scores Mr. Hyde (8c +) in the sport climbing area Céüse

The young Basel climber Philipp Geisenhoff gets the commission of the 8c + rated route Mr. Hyde in the French sport climbing area Céüse.

Young talent Philipp Geisenhoff projects in the kingdom of the Shogun (9a)

19-year-old Philipp Geisenhoff wants to secure the fourth ascent of the 9a route in the realm of the Shogung. Actiontalk accompanied him during the project.