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Jimmy Webb commits Poison the Well (8c +) and Roadkill (8c)

The American Jimmy Webb announces the ascent of two difficult boulders in Ticino: Poisen the Well (8c +) and Roadkill (8c).

Video about the two 8c + first ascents of Giuliano Cameroni: Poison the Well and REM

In February 2019 Giuliano Cameroni opened two of the hardest boulders in Ticino: Poison the Well at Brione and REM at the famous Dreamtime block in Cresciano. Here is the video of the inspections.

Giuliano Cameroni climbs the second 8c + Boulder in Switzerland with Poison the Well

The Ticino Giuliano Cameroni manages the first ascent of an old project in the bouldering area of ​​Brione. The line rates Giuliano with 8c + and gives her the name Poison the Well.



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