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Video: Bouldering legend Dave Graham climbs Primitivo (8c)

Bouldering legend Dave Graham has been in Ticino for several months and seems to be in top form. His latest exploit is the ascent of Boulder Primitivo (8c). Here is the video of his inspection.

Video: Jakob Schubert climbs Ticino classics

At the beginning of the year, the reigning lead world champion and Olympic bronze medal winner Jakob Schubert paid a visit to Ticino. This video shows the ascent of three difficult boulders.

US bouldering power in Ticino: Video I Mostri published

Jimmy Webb, Daniel Woods and other American bouldering professionals climbed a series of difficult lines in 2019/2020. Here is the video.

Probably the second strongest Czech visits Switzerland

In early February, Martin Stranik stayed in Switzerland for a few days. During his stay he got numerous difficult bouldering tours.

Giuliano Cameroni, Jimmy Webb and Isabelle Faus climb the boulder Primitivo in Val Bavona

In April of this year, the Val Bavona received a new hard boulder line: Primitivo (8c). The first ascent went to the account of Jimmy Webb. Now the video is online.