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Adam Ondra finally back on the rock: 8c boulder and 7 other hard lines climbed

In the Czech Republic, climbing was out of the question for several weeks. But now Adam Ondra is back on the rock and climbed an 8c boulder iceberg.

Adam Ondra on an 8c + onsight inspection and open projects in Smith Rock

Depending on the situation, Adam Ondra digs in his archive and publishes a contribution on an old and not yet traveled route in Smith Rock.

Video: Adam Ondra tries to climb 9a flash

In 2018 Adam Ondra traveled to Chile and tried to climb the Route La Sensación del Bloque (9a) flash. In this video he comments on the route in detail.

Adam Ondra: We will emerge more from the corona crisis

Adam Ondra shows a special kind of training: Competition Simulation. And he shows optimism about the Corona crisis.

Adam Ondra: When climbing to the limit, I need a good belay partner

When Adam Ondra climbs to his limit, he attaches great importance to who secures him when climbing. More on this in the latest edition of his video series.

Do you suffer from fear of falling? Here are tips from Adam Ondra

As soon as the rope is hung in the carabiner, fear increases. The fear of a possible fall into the rope. But that need not be. Adam Ondra gives tips.

Summer Olympic Games: The heat will be a problem for athletes

Adam Ondra prepares himself specifically for the climatic conditions at the Summer Olympics. Adam Ondra takes these measures.

This Czech beats Adam Ondra while bouldering

At the Hangar Masters 2020 bouldering competition, Adam Ondra and Martin Stranik offered a head-to-head race. You can find out more about the competition in this video.


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Seb Bouin repeats lapse (9b) and downgrades

Sébastien Bouin succeeds in repeating the Lapsus route (9b). He downgrades the route first climbed by Stefano Ghisolfi to 9a+.

Adam Ondra opens with B je to! (9b) the most difficult route in Croatia

Adam Ondra manages the first free ascent of Route B ever! (9b). It is the most difficult sport climbing route in Croatia.

Film tip: Hard routes, greasy holds, long departures – Kruder & Piccolruaz during deep water soloing

In this video, Lacrux TV accompanies climbing professionals Jernej Kruder and Michael Piccolruaz during deep water soloing. A must see!