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Shauna Coxsey wins at La Pedriza

Shauna Coxsey goes bouldering in La Pedraza and climbs six lines in the eighth French degree in four days.

Better dynamic climbing | Pro tip

No more dynamo frustration: With this exercise from top athlete Shauna Coxsey you will get better at dynamic climbing.

Shauna Coxsey: No more competitive circus

The British professional climber Shauna Coxsey will no longer take part in competitions after the Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

Pro tip: Warm-up program for Shauna Coxsey's fingerboard training

In this video, the British professional climber Shauna Coxsey shows exercises with which she warms up on the finger board before training.

The six best boulder athletes at La Sportiva Legends Only

Last weekend it was that time again: Six top athletes competed against each other in the bouldering discipline at La Sportiva Legends Only. The victory...

Ned Feehally flashes 8b + in the Rocklands

We're sorry that we write about the Rocklands so often. At the moment almost all strong boulderers are in South Africa....

Shauna Coxsey and Jongwon Chon win Boulder World Cup in Vail

The Bouldering World Cup was once again dominated by Japan. Nine Japanese athletes were in the top ranks in the qualifying round, six...

So you warm up properly before bouldering

Before you claw nasty bars and do dynamic bouldering moves, you should warm up properly. It is worth it .. How you do it, that shows us...