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New wildlife areas and wildlife sanctuaries | 2021

The Federal Office for the Environment FOEN has published the updated data on wildlife quiet zones and wildlife sanctuaries. It is one of the biggest adjustments in recent years.

New Boulderhalle in St.Gallen opens at the 15. September

Until now, bouldering enthusiasts from Eastern Switzerland made pilgrimages to the climbing hall in St. Gallen (Abtwil) or to Sparta Bouldering in the Rhine Valley, sometimes even to Vorarlberg, to...

David von Allmen opens an unexpected journey in the Murg Valley

The Bündner David von Allmen opens another test piece in the eastern Swiss bouldering area Murgtal: An unexpected journey (8b / +). We talked to David about the inspection...

Climbing hall only allows semi-automatic belay devices

On January 18, a 33-year-old climber fell from a height of ten meters in the St. Gallen climbing hall. The victim was badly bruised...

Bernd Zangerl climbs 8c + Trad route Into the sun in the Murg Valley

After a bouldering accident in 2015 and 489 days of hard training, Bernd Zangerl is definitely back on track. He climbs in St. Gallen...

Alex Luger climbs Speed ​​at Voralpsee

Once again someone dared to try Beat Kammerlander's test piece at Voralpsee, Speed ​​(8c+/9a). A few days ago, the Austrian Alex Luger climbed the...

Successful Mammoth Blacklight Boulder Challenge 2017

Yesterday evening the Mammut Blacklight Boulder Challenge 2017 took place in the St. Gallen climbing hall. More than 230 athletes in brightly colored, loud clothes climbed under neon lights around...

Mammoth Blacklight Boulder Challenge 2017

On February 11, 2017, the fourth Mammut Blacklight Boulder Challenge will take place in the St. Gallen climbing hall. The event is a...


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Katie Lamb, Michaela Kiersch and Karo Sinnhuber boulder hard

Katie Lamb pulls her seventh and eighth 8B+ boulder, Michaela Kiersch boulders 8B within a few hours and Karo Sinnhuber climbs 8A+.

Ice climbing in South Africa? Yes that works!

4 new routes, 2 broken tents, baboons at the exit, 1 frozen toe and lots of fun: accompany Will Gadd ice climbing in South Africa.

5 dry tooling techniques for advanced users

Dry tooling for advanced climbers: Learn the most important techniques to get more out of this type of climbing.

Gift ideas for climbers, boulderers & outdoor athletes 2023/2024

Whether for a birthday or Christmas: We have put together 17 gift ideas for climbers, boulderers and outdoor athletes.

Climbing professionals criticize IFSC for NEOM Masters in Saudi Arabia

110 climbers and professionals criticize IFSC for competing as part of the controversial mega-project NEOM in Saudi Arabia.
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