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IFSC Speed ​​World Cup Jakarta | Info & live stream

Jakarta is all about speed on May 6th and 7th. The second IFSC Speed ​​World Cup of the 2023 season is on the agenda. Here you will find all important information, the program and the live stream.

Veddriq Leonardo and Aleksandra Kalucka win overall Speed ​​World Cup

Indonesian Aspar Aspar and Chinese Deng Lijuan are on top of the podium at the last Speed ​​World Cup of the season in Jakarta. Overall World Cup winners are Veddriq Leonardo and Aleksandra Kalucka, who dominated the 2022 season.

IFSC World Cup in Seoul: Two speed world records, three Indonesians on the podium, Miroslaw with sixth gold

The speed competition at the IFSC Climbing World Cup in Seoul ended with gold for Indonesia and Poland. The men's medals went to three strong climbers from Indonesia. Aleksandra Miroslaw won gold and a new world record for women.

New world record in speed climbing: 5.208 seconds

The Indonesian Veddriq Leonardo set a new world record in speed climbing with 5.208 in Salt Lake City.