New year, new luck. The time has come to start training for the new climbing season. Today, as an inspiration, there is a campus board exercise that will improve your coordination.

A guest post by Christoph Völker from

Start with both hands on the same bar (not the bottom bar). The practice is to simultaneously reach down with one hand and the other with the other hand up to the next bar. From this position, both hands go back to the start bar and continue in the opposite direction. You almost draw the letter X. Not formulated clearly enough? The video helps.


Try two to four, each with four to six complete X's. In between, take about two minutes to break.


With the exercise, you improve your coordination and not so much your finger strength. That is a good thing. There are plenty of other exercises for finger strength. By the way: You can find numerous other exercises in the "Training".

Video with Exercise X on campus board


You can find articles for your personal training


Credits: picture Vladek Zumr, Text Christoph Völker von

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