In today's post, Christof Völker from target10a shows you how to use wrestling or a sling trainer to train your back muscles and body tension. The exercise is called latissimus-pulling or lat-pulling.

A guest contribution by Christoph Völker from target10a

For the Lat Pull exercise, kneel on the floor and hold the hips-mounted rings with your hands. The knees should be a few feet behind the plumb bob. The further you walk away from the rings with your knees, the heavier the exercise becomes. Then you lean forward with (almost) stretched arms and let you down with the upper body until just above the ground. From there you push yourself again with (almost) stretched arms up to the starting position.

Be sure to work from the poor and out of the latissimus and not do the movement with the trunk. The arms should not be fully stretched to protect the elbows.

Benefit primarily from the exercise: The Latissimus dorsi. (Image Wikipedia )

This is how you perform the exercise

Make 2-4 records with 10-14 repetitions. Between the sets, you take a break of about two minutes.

This is how the training exercise acts as a latissimus pull

As the name of the exercise suggests, the exercise trains the latissimus (see picture above) and contributes to body tension in the lower back.

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