Adam Ondra long flirted with a line in his home area, but always classified it as impossible. But now he started to set up and is in good spirits that the route can be climbed.

Climbed on September 3, 2017 Adam Ondra the first 9c climbing route of the world. To date, the route has not been repeated and no route of this difficulty has been climbed anywhere else. This could change soon. Adam Ondra has started to set up a new line in his home country and thinks it could be a 9c route.

With my experience today and my climbing skills, it is worth the time to add a few bolts and try the line.

Adam discovered the line 15 years ago, but always assumed that the route could not be climbed. Due to the Corona pandemic Adam spent an extraordinary amount of time in the Moravian karst and so the "old line" came into focus again. In the most recent episode of his video series, Adam reveals that he started setting up the line and that it can be climbed.

Adam Ondra setting up a possible 9c route

Complete video series "Road to Tokyo" by Adam Ondra

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