Burden of Dreams is the first 9A boulder in the world and has not been repeated since Nalle Hukkataival first climbed it in 2016. Shawn Raboutou recently attempted the tough problem in Lappnor, Finland.

Shawn Raboutou is currently the probably strongest boulderer in the world. Within a year he has alphanes and Megatron established two 9A boulders and also several 8C + lines for the first time. It was a matter of time before the Americans made the journey to Finland and Burden of Dreams, the test piece of Nalle Hukkataival, would try. And so much can be revealed at this point: Shawn Raboutou was quite optimistic after the first sessions with Giuliano Cameroni.

Shawn Raboutou projects Burden of Dreams

Nalle Hukkataival spent four full years assembling his kingline trains in Lappnor. Since the first ascent in 2016, the who's who of the climbing scene has tried Burden of Dreams. In order to achieve success, some have dug deep into their bag of tricks. For example Vadim Timonov, who came with the measuring tape so that he could then create a replica of the boulder.

Nalle Hukkataival on the first ascent of Burden of Dreams

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Credits: Cover picture Shawn Raboutou