The ominous basement of wide boyz Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall is the ultimate rift torture chamber. Anyone who is invited to lend a hand can be self-reliant. And if you also make a good trap, you are almost in crack Olympus. Stefano Ghisolfi recently paid his respects and amazed the Wide Boyz.

Stefano Ghisolfi is good for a few surprises at the moment. First, the sport climber pulls on the Burden of Dreams replica as if he had never done anything but boulder. Then he accepts the invitation Wide Boyz in their rustic torture chamber. Many a climbing professional has already tried to solve the crack problems there. So much can be revealed: After his success in Excalibur, nothing seems to be able to stop Ghisolfi.

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Credits: Cover picture Stefano Ghisolfi