The short film shows the second expedition of David Lama to Lunag Ri, a not yet climbed peak in the Himalaya Mountains. After David Lama failed in November 2015 together with his climbing partner Conrad anchor narrowly, the two returned to the Lunag Ri back. On their second try, they were accompanied by a film crew.

In November 2015, Tyrolean David Lama and his American climbing partner Conrad Anker set up their tents in the border area of ​​Nepal and Tibel to climb the hitherto unattained and 6907 meter high summit of Lunag Ri. All or nothing, was the motto on that sunny day when the duo set off to reach the virgin summit.
Classic mixed terrain on Lunag Ri in the Himalayas
Classic mixed terrain on Lunag Ri in the Himalayas

The motivation was great

Not even freezing cold and the weather forecast announcing wild storms diminished the confidence of the Austrian-American roped party. Lama explains: "We had a perfect weather day and we wanted to use it before the wind freshened up. We put everything on a map and just tried it. We have reduced, left our bivouac material behind and tried to reach the summit with very light luggage. "

David Lama and Conrad Anker on Lunag Ri

Credits: Cover picture David Lama; remaining pictures and text sections Red Bull Content Pool

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