In his latest video, Czech climbing pro Adam Ondra reveals what has fascinated him about onsight climbing since childhood. Luckily for him, there are still sectors in the Arco climbing paradise that he doesn't know. In Braboletta (8b) and L'occhio Della Tigre (8a+) he can show that he is quite good at this form of climbing.

"It's always great for me to get to a rock I've never been to," enthuses Adam Ondra. Because then he can do what he does and likes best: On sight climbing. Even as a child, he tried to onsight climb as many routes as possible in one day. "It was often the case that I didn't want to try the route anymore if I fell on the first attempt."

Video: Adam Ondra on onsight climbing

The sum of these experiences has made Adam Ondra what he is today: the best climber in the world. Over the years he's developed skills that make his onsight look like a red dot attempt. If it seems from the outside that he already knows what to do, then for Adam Ondra himself this is mainly based on his intuition.

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Credits: Cover picture Petr Chodura