Mammoth athlete and Arco Ambassador Adam Ondra first climbed a route at the beginning of March that is one of the most beautiful lines in the north. The following video shows the beauty of the region, the route and how he plans the line together with teammate Jakob Schubert.

The climbing area Hotel Olive not only convinces with its spectacular view, but also with first-class climbing routes thanks to the nature of the wall. The wall is steep, exposed and, with its blue and gray striped pattern, a climber's dream. It was around ten years ago Adam Ondra for the first time in the area and set up a futuristic route.

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The line runs along three tufas and has just about as many holds as are needed to climb the tour. Although, back then, Adam Ondra could only dream of being able to climb individual sequences of the route. She was just too difficult.

The project was dormant for ten years, until Adam now ventured back to the line.

I wanted to go back and see if anything had changed. With new perspectives and more experience, I found a way through the key sequence.

Adam Ondra

When planning the route, Adam Ondra was consulted by climbing greats such as Pietro dal Pra or the eager Italian climber Alfredo Webber accompanied. His teammate from Mammoth, Jakob Schubert, also joined them and planned the route together with Ondra.

Just on the last day of his Arco stay in March of this year, Adam Ondra then managed the first ascent of the route he Bomb names. Ondra gave a rating of 9b. Also shown in the video is a slightly simpler variation, Euphonium, which Ondra was also able to climb freely during the trip.

First video for new sponsor Mammut

The video mentioned is the first video production for the new main sponsor of the successful Czech. Since February 1, 2022, Adam Ondra has been officially under contract with the Swiss mountaineering outfitter Mammut. Mammut is adding another top climber to its already well-staffed team of athletes, Jakob Schubert. A look at the video successful video is positive. It is to be hoped that Mammut and Ondra will continue to produce such impressive videos in the future.

Adam Ondra on the first ascent of Bomba and Bombardino | Video

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Credits: Cover picture Petr Chodura