The 27-year-old mountain guide Etienne Bernard from the Fassa Valley, Trentino, was killed in an avalanche on the Sass Pordoi.

Yesterday, Wednesday, Etienne Bernard set off on a ski tour and, according to media reports, wanted to ski the Canale Torre Roma to the pass. On the descent, Etienne was caught in an avalanche and had a fatal accident.

Location thanks to smartphone

His fiancée alerted the rescue workers in the late afternoon. When the victim's car was still found in the same place, it was clear that Etienne Bernard was still on the mountain. Despite bad weather conditions, the rescue workers searched for the victim until late at night. Thanks to the location of his mobile phone, it was possible to find the area in which Etienne had an accident.

In the area, the rescue workers found traces of an avalanche as well as objects from Etienne. The alpinist's body could not be recovered last night due to the weather conditions.

Etienne on the descent of the Canale Sass da Forcia

About Etienne Bernard

Etienne Bernard was born and raised in Campitello in Val di Fassa. He took his first steps both in climbing and skiing at the age of four. His parents, themselves alpinists, took him to the mountains early on.

At 19, Etienne became a ski instructor and a little later a mountain guide.

I am aware that I am still very young and that I lack a lot of experience. I'm not in a hurry, but watch, hear and learn from the old hands, in the hope that one day I will approach my father's long and varied career.

Etienne Bernard - source

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