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Compensation training is good – if it's done right | tips

Patrick Matros and Dicki Korb train well-known top athletes such as Alexander Megos and are known far beyond national borders with their training bible "Gimme Kraft". Volker Schöffl has made an international name for himself as a climbing doctor. From now on, the trio will present climbing-specific compensation training according to ACT on Lacrux. This article explains what their Adjunct Compensatory Training is all about.

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Yoga series: We show you the best yoga exercises for climbers and boulderers Climbing

Yoga series for climbers: step up higher, spread out further

As part of our yoga series, we present you with yoga exercises at regular intervals that are tailored to the needs of climbers. The exercises will be presented by Prana and Petra Zink. In today's issue, Petra shows you the pigeon exercise, which stretches your glutes and at the same time loosens the sacrum and lower back.

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