British climber Hazel Findlay has made the third ascent of route Magic Line (XNUMXc / XNUMXc +) in Yosemite Valley. The route is one of the valley's most difficult crack routes.

A year ago Hazel Findlay started to check out the route at the foot of the Vernal. She quickly realized that the route is indeed really difficult. The route runs along a thin crack and offers barely any footholds. But the beauty of the line convinced the XNUMX year old to choose it as project.

“If you decide to plan a route, then the thing has to be cool enough to keep you motivated for a long time. I think that's definitely the case with Magic Line. "

Hazel Findlay at the start of her second trip to the Yosemite Valley

In October XNUMX Hazel Findlay came back to Yosemite Valley to the route Magic Line (XNUMXc / XNUMXc +) to seriously project it. After about two weeks, she reached the last crux of the route, but was not focused XNUMX% and fell off. The following video shows her at another crux of the route.

Redpoint on the last day of the trip

Yesterday was the last day of Hazel Findlay's Yosemite trips. True to the motto “Last day, best day”, she took the route Magic Line (5.14c / 8c +). The route was first climbed in 1996 by Yosemite legend Ron Kauk. He scored the route with already placed mobile backups.

His son Lonnie Kauk climbed the route in the same style in 2016 and climbed it two years later by placing the gear while climbing. Hazel Findlay, for her part, also climbed the route by placing the gear during the ascent.

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Credits: Cover picture Jacopo Larcher