At the beginning of February, the Belgian Sean Villanueva achieved the ultimate alpine success: He climbed the Fitz Roy Traverse single-handedly. As part of the news show BETA from Actiontalk TV, we talk to Seam about the most delicate moments of the endeavor and how he knew what to do.

Almost out of nowhere Sean Villanueva the solo ascent of the Fitz Roy Traverse down. The climbing world agrees: this is the biggest coup in the climbing mecca Patagonia has ever been accomplished. We had an entertaining conversation with Sean, he tells us, for example, how he prepared himself and which was the most delicate moment of the endeavor. Was it the rope that was damaged at the beginning of the crossing and that he patched up with tape? 

Note: The following link shows the excerpt with Sean. This for those who do not care for the tricks Ascent of the first 9a boulder and the chaos on K2 interested. We also delve into these two topics in the latest edition of BETA.

➡️ Direct link to the interview with Sean Villanueva

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