Jakob Schubert IFSC competitions Climbing

Interview with Jakob Schubert: Once a competitor, always a competitor

Jakob Schubert is back. After a World Cup break, the 31-year-old is attacking again in Salt Lake City. There are two bouldering decisions on the program this weekend and next. In an interview, the Olympic bronze medalist reveals why he traveled to the USA with good memories, what goals he has for Salt Lake City, how he plans his "Road to Paris" and why the route to the 2024 Olympic Games is not only via Munich, but also the most difficult rock routes in the world.

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First 9b route in the world? Will Bosi in an interview about mutation Climbing

Will Bosi in an interview: Is mutation even 9b?

A few days ago the Scotsman Will Bosi succeeded in repeating the Mutation route in the Peak District. This is the first repetition of the route since Steve McClure's first free ascent 23 years ago. Will Bosi upgrades the route in terms of difficulty. Once again the question arises: Do the history books have to be rewritten?

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