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Is Rhapsody (E11) the most dangerous route in the world?

Magnus Midtbo returns with Dave MacLeod to one of his most impressive first ascents: Rhapsody (E11, 7a).

Adam Ondra: Is the limit in difficulty at 10a or 10b?

In the past forty years, the level of difficulty in sport climbing has developed rapidly, but is now flattening out. Where is the limit? Adam Ondra and Magnus Midtbo talk about this during a meeting.

Pete Whittaker: One Arm Hang World Record

The Norwegian Magnus Midtbo and the Briton Pete Whittaker try to break various world records. In the one arm hang, Pete breaks the previous world record.

Deep water soloing in winter

In this video, Norwegian Magnus Midtbo practices deep water soloing in wintry conditions, i.e. he climbs rope-free over the water.

Give it to you: The ultimate lockdown challenge

Once again Magnus Midtbo presents an episode to join in in his video series. He faces Pete Whittaker's lockdown challenge.

This indoor boulder was screwed with coins

In his video blog, Magnus Midtbo presents a tricky boulder in which only coins were used as handles and kicks.

Who is screwing the most difficult boulder: Magnus Midtbo vs. Pete Whittaker

The powerhouse Magnus Midtbo or the crack specialist Pete Whittaker: Who is going to screw the more difficult boulder?

How fit are you This test for will show you

In the latest episode of his video series, Magnus Midtbo presents a standardized test with which you can record your current condition.



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