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Stefan Glowacz on media change and pressure in climbing | Video interview

Style debate: Stefan Glowacz on the mixing of pink point and red point ascents, media change and pressure in climbing.

Matty Hong on challenging developments in climbing | Video interview

Style debate: Matty Hong on preclipping, mixing pinkpoint and redpoint and chipping & gluing.

Climbing professionals in social media stress, climbing ethics under pressure | Lacrux TV

Lacrux TV: Professional climbers have to have a constant online presence. How do they deal with this and how does this pressure influence climbing ethics?

Live from the base camp: social media marketing in mountaineering

Instagram, Facebook and Co have also changed the marketing options for mountaineers. In the meantime, alpinists like to be harshly criticized for their appearances in the digital media. But why actually? And what does a social media pro have to say about it?