Low weight, simple operation, reliable deployment: Litric is a new electronic airbag system that was developed jointly by Ortovox and Arc'teryx and sets new standards. It is the lightest electronic avalanche airbag system in the world and is now being used in the avalanche backpacks of both brands.

Updated 12.12.22/XNUMX/XNUMX | Voluntary recall
Ortovox is voluntarily recalling all Ortovox Avabag Litric models (Avabag Litric Tour, Avabag Litric Freeride, Avabag Litric Zero) including the Zip-Ons.

What happens when German engineering meets Canadian know-how? A new avalanche airbag technology that is particularly compact and lightweight. The Ortovox and Arc'teryx Litric system weighs just 1100 grams and works with supercapacitors powered by a long-life lithium-ion battery.

Litric airbag system: light and powerful

When winter sports enthusiasts are caught in an avalanche, brief deployment and rapid deployment of the airbag increases the likelihood of remaining on the snow surface. In the Litric airbag system, a powerful centrifugal compressor in combination with a compact, high-performance blower ensures that the airbag is inflated in four seconds.

The Litric system, produced in Bavaria, offers at least two activations within 60 hours with one battery charge. The system can be charged via USB-C in just 25 minutes.

"Thanks to USB-C, the Litric airbag system can also be charged on the go using a power bank."

And thanks to USB-C, the Litric can also be charged via power bank. What's also exciting about the system is that the avalanche backpack can be deployed on a trial basis at no additional cost - in contrast to systems with cartridges.

With a weight of 1100 grams, the new Litric airbag system from Ortovox and Arc'teryx is one of the lightest electronic systems on the market. Image: Ortovox
With a weight of 1100 grams, the new Litric airbag system from Ortovox and Arc'teryx is one of the lightest electronic systems on the market. Picture: Ortovox

Simple and intuitive operation

The release handle of the Litric System is not hidden in a compartment, but always ready. Because who doesn't know the situation: During the ascent you suddenly notice that you still have the deployment handle stowed away in the compartment. This can have fatal consequences. The release handle is adjustable in length and can therefore be adapted to personal needs.

Can be used variably

While with previous systems you had to think long and hard about whether you should buy a large backpack for multi-day tours or a small one for off-piste freeride sessions, this decision is easier with the Litric system. Thanks to the simple zip concept, the avalanche unit can be easily removed and attached to another compatible backpack.

Our conclusion? The Litric system from Ortovox/Arc'teryx is light, intuitive, reliable and flexible and an extremely exciting addition to ski touring. It was not for nothing that the system received the ISPO Award 2022.

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Credits: Cover picture Ortovox