Petzl is recalling its Pirana descender due to the risk of drowning if the rope accidentally jams in the locking groove. Do not continue to use the descenders affected by this recall.

The Pirana is a descender with adjustable braking effect for independent canyoners and canyon guides. In some situations where the user is running the rope through the Pirana to intentionally fall into the water, the rope will run through the descender very quickly and may unintentionally become caught and snagged in the Pirana's locking groove.

The user is thus blocked and cannot release the rope in this position. This situation can be dangerous and there is a risk of drowning, especially if the user is blocked under a waterfall or in a pool of water.

References of the affected products:

  • All Pirana descenders with references D005AA00 and D005AA01 (see models in the photo).
  • Serial numbers: between 19 F 0000000 000 and 22 A 9999999 999.
  • On sale from July 2019 to January 2022.
Models affected by the recall: references D005AA00 and D005AA01​

Unaffected Pirana models

The previous models are not affected by the recall.

recall decision

Since the safety notice in July 2021 (change in the user manual), Petzl has received additional information from people who actively use the Pirana for canyoning. This eventually prompted Petzl to recall the affected products.

If you own a Pirana affected by this recall, do not continue to use it. Contact about that Contact your country's customer service to return the descender. You will then receive a refund. Petzl will cover the shipping costs for the return.

Frequently asked questions about the recall

What should I do if my Pirana descender is affected by this recall?
Do not continue to use the product and contact for a refund through the Contact to customer service in your country.

I am a user, what amount will I be refunded for my Pirana?
You will receive a refund from the responsible Petzl customer service at the recommended retail price in your country.

Did this risk cause injury?
To date, we have not received any information on injuries due to this identified risk.

When will the Pirana be available again?
Petzl is currently working on a replacement product. At the moment, Petzl cannot give a specific date when this new product will be available.

Where can I find the serial number of my Pirana?
The serial number of your Pirana can be found on the body of the product.

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