Tim Reuser was in Switzerland for a few days and made short work of numerous difficult blocks. Among other things, he succeeded in inspecting the Dave Graham Boulders Foundation's Edge (8c) near Fionnay. He also cracked two 8a + flash-style boulders.

The young Dutchman Tim Reuser is on the road to success. During a four day trip to the bouldering area Fionnay in Valais he climbed Permanent Midnight (8a +) and Scarred for Life (8a +, standing start) flash. Later he also managed the sit-start version of Scarred for Life and Pied de Biche (both 8b +). For the latter, however, Tim suggests a downgrade to 8b.

The highlight of his stay was clearly the repetition of the boulder Foundation's Edge (8c), the Dave graham Climbed for the first time in 2014.

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Clément Lechaptois on the inspection of Foundation's Edge (8c)

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Credits: Cover picture Sytse van Slooten / IFSC