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Crack in the Magic Wood | Municipality and IG Magic Wood in dispute

The waves are rising in the Magic Wood. We met the mayor and the president of IG Magic Wood for a discussion.

Marco Müller climbs L'isola che non c'è | Short interview

Marco Müller climbs the 9a route L'isola che non c'è near Amden. We spoke to Müller about the inspection.

Parking and overnight stay in Chironico | Rules 2024

Parking fees have been charged in Chironico since the beginning of the year. You can also spend the night in 3 signposted park areas for a fee.

Access to Bouldering Area Val Bavona at risk

There is a risk of partial access bans in the popular bouldering area of ​​Val Bavona. New rules are intended to defuse the conflict.

Again: Swiss glaciers are melting rapidly | 2023

The Swiss glaciers are melting faster and faster. They have experienced the second worst summer for their existence since measurements began.

Full length documentary "Tribute to Failure" available

The documentary «Tribute to Failure» is available. It is about Nicolas Hojac, Stephan Siegrist, Jonas Schild and Andy Schnarf.

Yannick Glatthard climbs 5 Grimsel classic rope solo

Yannick Glatthard climbs 5 Grimsel classic rope solo. In this personal report and in the video, Glatthard presents his project.

Bouldering in summer: 5 high alpine areas

We show you five high alpine bouldering areas in Switzerland, where you will find very good conditions for bouldering in midsummer.

Petra Klingler resigns from the competition

Petra Klingler resigns from the competition. She will contest her last World Cup in front of her home crowd in Bern.

In the 8C(+) frenzy: Aidan Roberts opens The Lions Share

Briton Aidan Roberts announces the first ascent of a new boulder line in Brione, Ticino. He rates the boulder The Lions Share with 8C +.

Double success for Giuliano Cameroni: Bouldered 8B+ twice in one day

Two projects by Giuliano Cameroni fell within a day - both "First Go". Fight Club and Ninjutsu, both rated 8B+.

Massive rockfall near Kandersteg

A large rock fall occurred on a rock face on the Almenalp on Thursday. According to the canton police, no one was injured.

8C+ first ascent in Ticino: Yannick Flohé boulders Return of the Dreamtime

German professional climber Yannick Flohé opens a new difficult line on the Dreamtime block in Cresciano. The first ascent called Return of the Dreamtime rated Flohé with 8C +.

Moritz Welt cracks Dreamtime (8c) within a short time

Moritz Welt makes short work of Dreamtime (8c) and climbs the Cresciano classic in two sessions. In Brione, the strong German also secures a repeat of the 8B boulder Amber.

Simon Lorenzi climbs Raboutou's Alphane (9A)

The strong Belgian Simon Lorenzi secures an inspection of Alphane. This makes the 25-year-old the third climber this year to repeat Shawn Raboutou's line in Chironico since the first ascent in April.

Will Bosi flashes Dagger (8B/+) and almost Dreamtime (8C)

Will Bosi paid a visit to the Bouldering Mecca Cresciano in Ticino and let off steam on the Dreamtime block: within one day he flashed The Dagger (8B/+) and climbed Dreamtime (8C) on the fourth attempt.

Who is the best climbing team? We tested 6 professionals

We were on the road again, namely at the Red Bull Dual Ascent. As part of this superlative event, we have launched our own competition. We wanted to find out which climbing team works best off the face. Find out more in the latest video on Actiontalk TV.

Prosecutors warn against used avalanche backpacks, Mammut counters

In January 2021, a mountain guide died in an avalanche in the Siviez/Nendaz region. The public prosecutor of the canton of Valais subsequently commissioned a judicial report and is now warning of used Mammut Airbag 3.0 Light Protection 2017 avalanche backpacks. The manufacturer, Mammut, considers the test results to be misleading and has issued a statement.

Masses of new boulders on the Furka - Kim Marschner

Kim Marschner has given the Furka Pass rows of impressive boulders. He shows an excerpt of it in this video.

Will Bosi climbs Alphane (9A) | degree confirmed?

Scot Will Bosi climbs the 9A boulder Alphane in Chironico. Bosi is reluctant to comment on the level of difficulty of the line.

New bouldering hall Minimum Leutsch opens on November 5th

On November 05.11.22th, 114, the city's second minimum bouldering hall opened in Zurich. The Minimum Leutsch offers 600 boulders spread over an area of ​​2 mXNUMX.

Dispute on the glacier: Tons of non-woven cover causes red heads | How is Elnaz Rekabi?

In the twenty-fifth issue of BETA, we look at the controversial cover fleece on the Rhone Glacier. We also take a closer look at the case of Iranian sport climber Elnaz Rekabi.

That says the lawyer representing the operators of the glacier ice grotto

For years, fleece was laid out on the Rhone Glacier to protect an ice grotto. A case has now been opened. That's what the lawyer says.

Obed Hardmeier repeats Schwarz Mönch (9a/+)

The Swiss Obed Hardmeier manages the red point ascent of the Schwarz Mönch route near Gimmeldwald. Level of difficulty levels off at 9a/+.

Climbing the North of the South: Ossola Rock | climbing guide

The north of Italy offers a wealth of climbing areas. We present the climbing guide Ossola Rock with areas like Cadarese or Croveo.

You've never seen such a concentrated load of bouldering professionals | Video

This video shows eight super strong boulderers as they tackle the Kingdom Wall in Brione, Ticino.

Aidan Roberts climbs 9A boulder Alphane | Chironico

The British Aidan Roberts succeeds in the first repetition of the boulder Alphane near Chironico, Switzerland. Roberts confirms the grade of the 9A boulder.

Michi Wohlleben climbs one of the most difficult multi-pitch routes in Switzerland: Bodhichitta

Michi Wohlleben climbed one of the most difficult multi-pitch routes in Switzerland: Bodhicitta on the Dreifaltigkeit in the Alpstein.

Natalie Bärtschi and Julien Clémence are Swiss champions in bouldering

The Bouldering and Speed ​​Swiss Championships 2022 took place this weekend in the climbing gyms in Villeneuve and Lausanne. In the women's bouldering discipline, Natalie Bärtschi was at the top of the podium, while Julien Clémence won gold in the men's bouldering discipline.

Simon Lorenzi climbs Foundation's Edge (8C) at breakneck speed and targets Alphane (9A).

In 2013, bouldering legend Dave Graham opened Foundation's Edge (8C). Since then, the groin-heavy boulder has been considered a valid test piece in Fionnay. The strong Belgian Simon Lorenzi recently secured an incredibly fast repetition: in just one and a half hours he climbed the line on the third attempt.



High-end climbing shoe for tough projects | Unparallel Qubit

With the Qubit, Unparallel has developed a new high-performance climbing shoe...

Intimate portrait of Japanese Olympian Miho Nonaka

A look behind the scenes: Join Japanese climbing icon Miho Nonaka on her intensive preparations for the 2024 Olympics.

Pou brothers and Micher Quito open new route in the Andes: Pisco Sour (640m, 85° M6)

Continuous 20-hour push: Brothers Pou and Micher Quito open a new route in the Andes in alpine style: Pisco Sour (640m, 85°, M6).

Common trail running injuries and how to prevent them

In this article, you will learn about common injuries when trail running and what you can do about them.

Crevasse rescue on the high tour – how did that go again?

How do I react if I fall into a crevasse? Today there is a refresher on this important and often under-practiced aspect of mountaineering.