Villars has meanwhile conquered a permanent place in the annual competition calendar. From Thursday to Sunday, 4. - 7. July 2019, the IFSC World Cup will be held in the middle of the Vaud Alps in the Lead and Speed ​​disciplines. The live broadcast is available here on LACRUX.

On an 6000 square meter parking lot, with spectacular views of the Mont Blanc massif and the Dents-du-Midi, the organizers once again create a setting that certainly does not need to shy away from comparison with the international competition venues.

The world elite of sport climbing will meet again in Villars. Will the topshots of the past season, like last year's winners in Villars, Janja Garnbret and Jakob Schubert, be back at the start? Or will some new stars rise in the climbing sky? It will be interesting - it is worthwhile in any case.

Program of the IFSC World Cup in Villars

Thursday, 4. July8 amSpeedTraining Men / Women
8 amSpeedQualifications Men / Women
Friday, 5. July9 17-clockLeadQualifications Men / Women
8 amSpeedFinals Men / Women
8 amSpeedpresentation ceremony
8 amClimbing Festival
Saturday, 6. July10 12.30-clockLeadSemi-finals Men / Women
8 amLeadFinal Men
8 amLeadFinal Women
8 amLeadpresentation ceremony
8 amSilent Party

Live stream of the disciplines Lead and Speed ​​of the IFSC World Cup in Villars

Live Stream of Discipline Speed ​​- 5. July, 20.30 clock

Live Stream of Discipline Lead (Semi-Finals) - 6. July, 10.00 clock

Live Stream of the Discipline Lead (Final) - 6. July, 20.00 clock

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Credits: Cover picture SAC / David Schweizer, Text SAC


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