The last IFSC World Cup of the season once again dominated the Asian athletes. The gold medal in the women's and men's went to Korea (Jain Kim) and Japan (Hiroto Shimizu).

A total of four Japanese athletes advanced in front of their home crowd in the women's final and fought for the coveted podium places. Natsuki Tanii opened the final round with a score of 34 +. Your teammate Miho Nonaka followed on Natsuki and reached the same height in the route. First up was a third Japanese, Akiyo Noguchi, who secured fourth place in Inzai with her result.

The podium places made Chaehyun Seo, Jain Kim and Janja Garnbret clear among themselves. Jain Kim was the only one who climbed to the top and won the gold medal. Slovenian Janja Garnbret secured the silver medal with 39 points.

First World Cup victory for Hiroto Shimizu

Also in Inzai there was a draw in the score and thus to nine finalists in the men. After Jesse Grupper and Meichi Narasaki came Stefani Ghisolfi and climbed to third with 32 + points.

The fifth athlete of the final round was the silver medal winner from Briançon, Hiroto Shimizu from Japan. He climbed quietly through the final route at a steady pace and came closest to the top (38 +). The surprise athlete of the season, Alberto Ginés Lopez from Spain, was the clear favorite for the gold medal in Inzai. Although he nearly slipped down several times, he managed to climb further than most athletes. However, he could not climb the mark of Hiroto and had to settle for the silver medal.

The results of the finals at a glance

Video: The highlights of the World Cup in Inzai

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