The Swiss ice climbers have a strong start in the UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup. At the first tour stop of the season in Cheongsong, South Korea, two Swiss women made it onto the podium. Reigning world champion Petra Klingler wins gold, teammate Sina Götz bronze.

The start of the ice climbing competition season should have been for Petra Klingler can't walk better. At the UIAA World Cup in cheong song, South Korea, she wins the gold medal in lead. Also showed a strong performance Sina Goetz, returning home with the bronze medal in her luggage.

90 athletes from 17 countries competed in the speed and lead disciplines at the ice climbing World Cup season opener last weekend. Cheongsong is the first World Cup since 2020 to take place in Asia.

Video: Cheongsong Ice Climbing World Cup Finals, South Korea

Ice Climbing World Cup Cheongsong Results

male lead 

  1. Heeyong Park (KOR)
  2. Younghye Kwon (KOR)
  3. Tristan Ladevant (FRA)

women lead 

  1. Petra Klingler (SUI)
  2. Woonseon Shin (KOR)
  3. Sina Goetz (SUI)

men speed

  1. Mohsen Beheshti Wheel (IRI)
  2. David Bouffard (ROU)
  3. Kherlen Nyamdoo (MGL)

women speed

  1. Lee Sughee (KOR)
  2. Aneta Louzecka (CZE)
  3. Catalina Shirley (USA)

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Credits: Cover picture UIAA