Anyone who climbs usually relies on first-class equipment: perfectly fitting shoes, safety equipment with the highest standards and practical clothing. It seems as if only our bare hands can withstand the climbing purism. But even this last bastion falls if the climbing trips are in the direction of ice and mixed - because nothing works without gloves.

A contribution by Fabian Reichle - Bächli Bergsport

Gloves and climbing sounds bizarre at first. The rock under control, the literal instinct, the direct power transmission - you need hands and rock, nothing more. That might make sense for sport climbing, bouldering and the like.

But the climbing world is versatile, because with bare hands you will climb mixed routes or do ice climbing Drytooling not get far. That grandma’s knitted gloves are now used should be obvious; Anyone who moves vertically in ice and cold ideally relies on technically sophisticated, climbing-specific models - such as the Punisher Glove from Black Diamond.

Punisher Glove by Black Diamond: good grip, ergonomic cut and absolutely waterproof

First of all, the Punisher Glove with its fleece lining provides warmth so that fingers do not get clammy even on the coldest days. Small detail: The fleece is firmly fixed, so the glove remains firmly on the hands and ensures a secure hold. This is complemented by an ergonomic cut specially designed for ice climbing. 

Speaking of hold, this is of course particularly important when climbing. The high-quality goatskin on the inside ensures a solid grip on rocks and ice tools, even on routes that are extremely technical. The Punisher also impresses with an absolutely waterproof membrane and additional protective attachments on the knuckles and thumb.

If a glove still seems a bit strange when it comes to climbing, the Punisher Glove is at least very close to the "hand-directly-on-the-rock-climbing" feeling.

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Credits: Cover picture Matt Forster / Unsplash