Two people had a fatal accident while deep water soloing on the Spanish Mediterranean island. These are climbers from the United States aged 25 and 35, respectively.

On the coast of Mallorca, in the area of Deep water soloing-Spots Cala Sa Nau, two climbers had a fatal accident yesterday. The exact course of the accident is unknown. Although there are no direct witnesses, it is believed that there was a rock fall on the edge of the rock above the routes and that the two consequently fell into the water.

Before the accident, the two climbers asked a lifeguard about the DWS spot.

Bathers became aware of the accident, they spotted a lifeless body in the water and notified the lifeguard in the Cala Sa Nau bay. The rescue workers immediately alerted, including a helicopter, the marine rescue team and the fire brigade, recovered the climber's body and discovered the body of the second person in the Cova des Cosí. The cause of death of the two casualties was a multiple trauma as a result of the fall.

The accident occurred in Cala Sa Nau

Not the first fatal accident on Mallorca

Majorca is one of the world's most popular climbing destinations for deep water soloing, rope-free climbing on cliffs above the sea. In 2012 a climber from England had an accident in the Cala Serena area.

Probably the most spectacular DWS route in Mallorca

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Credits: Cover picture Hermanos Pou