The Italian climber Federica Mingolla was able to claim the first female ascent of the ultra-classic "Path through the Fish" in the Dolomites last summer. A film version of the on-site visit has now been published.

 Way through the fish is a demanding alpine climbing route on the Marmolada south face in the Dolomites. The route is 1220 meters long (wall height 920 meters) and has 37 pitches. The route is technically, psychologically and due to its length an extremely demanding undertaking. The name comes from a rock niche in the middle of the wall that is shaped like a fish.

First ascent in techno style

The route was opened in August 1981 by the two Czechs Igor Koller and Indřich Šustr (then only 17 years old) using technical climbing without the use of bolts (VII, A1). Due to the extraordinary length, the poor protection and the brittle rock in the lower and upper parts, it is one of the most demanding climbing routes in the Alps.

Redpoint, Onsight and Free Solo

Luisa Iovane and her partner Heinz Mariacher succeeded in repeating the route for the first time in 1984. In 1987 he succeeded in doing the first red point ascent together with Bruno Pederiva. Maurizio Giordani was able to conquer the Solo route in 1990, whereby he required a self-belay in a total of 9 pitches. The South Tyrolean Roland Mittersteiner and Hanspeter Eisendle were able to book the first onsight ascent in 1992. Christoph Hainz also climbed the tour onsight in 1992.

On April 29, 2007, the then 23-year-old Hansjörg Auer managed a free solo ascent of the route. He only needed two hours and 55 minutes for this (a normal two-person rope team usually needs two days for the ascent). The preparation for his attempt consisted of abseiling down the route the day before, during which he memorized the key points.

Video about the visit by Federica Mingolla

Successful on July 17, 2016 Federica Mingolla the first female ascent of the route in the Dolomites. The film of their inspection has now been released.

Interview with the free solo climber Hansjörg Auer

In the following video interview you can see Hansjörg Auer, who started the route free solo in 2007. The music in the background is awful. You are forewarned.

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