The Bernese climber Jonas Schild manages the ascent of the route Fado in Lehn near Interlaken.

True to his motto of being a "complete alpinist", scores points Jonas shield few days after the alpine multi-pitcher tour Silverback (LACRUX reported recently) now also a heavy sport climbing route: Fado (8c / +).

“I am super happy to have scored points on the route. It is certainly one of the toughest routes I've ever climbed. So I'm looking forward to new projects this fall. "

Jonas shield
Jonas Schild at the celebration of Fado (8c / +) in Lehn. (Picture Daniel Bleuer)

First ascent by Andy Winterleitner

The route Fado is located in the climbing area Lehn and after the joint entry with the route centrifuge and Lotti left and runs through the steepest part of this sector. The first ascent (19, October 2017) goes to the account of Andy Winterleitner.

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Credits: Pictures Daniel Bleuer

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