In their latest issue, the makers of Actiontalk visited TV the film premiere of Paradice in the Bernese Oberland and spoke with the two protagonists Nicolas Hojac and Jonas Schild.

A contribution by Dominik Osswald from Actiontalk TV

Around 300 people will have the premiere of the ice climbing film at the Rex cinema in Thun on January 17, 2020 "paradise" tracked. Have over three years Jonas shield and Nicolas Hojac together with the filmmaker Daniel Bleuer (Vertical Pictures) spectacular shots in the classics ”Flying Circus”,“ Metro ”and“ NIN ”filmed and combined into a sensitive short film.

In the run-up to the film, we mingled with the guests and checked the expectations of the film. We also asked Jonas Schild's mother what she thought about her son's adventures. You can see their answer in the video.

Daniel Bleuer.

The film itself refrains from placing Jonas or Nico as the protagonists, but approaches ice climbing through the various states of water, as is generally part of our lives. The somewhat large curve naturally ends with the solid state, water as ice, the basis of every ice climbing adventure.

We see Nico and Jonas As an ice climber, you don't get much of your own thoughts and your engagement with what you do. Instead, philosophical ideas come from off-screen. It sounds like this:

"The moon makes me sleep forever, but the sun asks me: How long can I stay awake?" 

The design is interesting, even if it maybe fails a little because you don't know whose thoughts you hear. Nico explains the idea behind it:

"We wanted to move into the background, there are already enough videos of athletes talking about themselves on YouTube and Co."

Nicolas Hojac

The accompanying text is deliberately by an artist who has nothing to do with mountain sports. 
The whole interview, as well as exclusive excerpts from the film, can be seen in the video. And if you want to see the whole film, you have the opportunity to do so on March 28, 2020 on Haslital Mountain Film Festival.

Video: report about the premiere of the ice climbing film Paradice

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