And again there is gossip from the climbing scene: The American climbing professional Alex Honnold, known for his spectacular free solo ascents, will soon be on the rock a little less often. Because he is going to be a father. Or will he soon become a climbing hall owner like his compatriot Chris Sharma? Sharma opened another climbing hall in Spain a few days ago and dominates the market. The Swiss Marco Müller is a little younger and perhaps therefore neither educational nor entrepreneurial. He is extremely active on the rock, scoring route after route in Gimmelwald. You can find this and other news of the week here.

Alex Honnold becomes a father

Alex Honnold and Sanni McCandless Honnold become parents
Alex Honnold and Sanni McCandless Honnold become parents.

Once again we have tabloid news from the climbing scene ready for you. The professional climber Alex Honnold announces on their first wedding anniversary that his wife Sanni McCandless Honnold is pregnant.

"There is a lot going on in our little world, everything is very exciting."

Alex Honnold

Taciturn as he is, Alex expresses himself relatively briefly about his wife's pregnancy. She, on the other hand, writes a detailed report for social media channels. Living together with the Free solo climber it is simply unbelievably exciting and totally different every year. “That's why we thought we could continue the story with the next generation,” she says with a wink. In February the time has come, the Honnolds are expecting a daughter. Is Alex Honnold now giving up free solo climbing?

“Becoming a parent is perhaps the most disturbing and exciting journey one can take. I am so incredibly happy that you are by my side! "

Sanni McCandless Honnold

Chris Sharma dominates the Spanish indoor climbing market

The proud hall owners Jean-Baptiste Tribout, Chris Sharma and Michael Wyser. (Picture Sharma Climbing)
The proud hall owners Jean-Baptiste Tribout, Chris Sharma, Jimena Alarcon and Michael Wyser. (Picture Sharma Climbing)

It is not too exaggerated to say that the electoral Spaniard is Chris Sharma dominates the Spanish indoor climbing market. A few days ago the Sharma opened the third hall in Spain, the second in Catalonia. High walls, a large training area and a huge free-hanging boulder block are the attractions of the newest hall in the suburb of Barcelona, ​​Gavà. With a total climbing area of ​​5 square meters, Gavà is one of the largest climbing halls in Europe and competes with the famous Innsbruck climbing center.

The free-hanging boulder block of the Sharma Climbing Gavà climbing hall

Marco Müller run out of difficult routes

Marco Müller inspecting Inferno near Gimmelwald. (Picture Rockvision)
Marco Müller inspecting Inferno near Gimmelwald. (Picture Rockvision)

About a week ago, the Central Swiss managed the red point ascent of the route Inferno (9a) in Gimmelwald. It wasn't long ago that he managed to free one of the hardest tours in the climbing area: Black monk, for which he suggested the level of difficulty 9a +.

El Molinero (8c +), Jungfrau Marathon (9a) Gimmelexpress (8c +) he has already scored. Will he run out of projects in Gimmelwald soon? “There is one more project on the right that could be difficult. But I haven't looked at that yet, ”says Müller. Well then we are curious to see when this project will fall.

Video: Marco Müller inspecting El Molinero (8c +)

Jonas Schild talks to Fred Nicole about Bain de Sang (9a)

Jonas Schild climbs the historic 9a route Bain de Sang
Picture Daniel Bleuer

In autumn 2020, Jonas Schild climbed the route for the first time Bain de sang (9a) at St. Loup a - the red point was still denied to him for a while. Bad weather and an injury thwarted his plans. When a strong southwest wind hit him in May of the current year, the moment had come. Jonas Schild succeeded in the red point ascent.

Bain de Sang is the first 9a in Switzerland and the third route in the world with this degree. This historical line was first started by the bouldering pioneer Fred Nicole in 1993. With just this one did Jonas shield talked about the route and the St. Loup climbing area in the following video.

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Credits: Cover picture Alex Honnold