As part of our recent beta broadcast, we're auctioning off a rock crystal belonging to Dave Graham. 100 percent of the proceeds go to those in need of the war in Ukraine. The auction runs until Wednesday, April 13, at 12.00 noon.

Dave graham has been a climbing professional for over 20 years and can often be found on the rocks of Ticino. In addition to being a full-time climber, he is a gifted spotlight. During his visit to the eighteenth beta broadcast he brought us a Ticino habitus – not just any old one, but the very first one he discovered this year in Val Bavona.

Dave Graham Crystal
The auction of Dave Graham's rock crystal runs until April 12th.

Auction for a good cause

And it is precisely this good piece that we are auctioning off for the benefit of the victims of the Ukraine war. You can find the form for bidding and the current high price below. We donate all of the proceeds to Ukraine Aid Sollenberg. This is the private aid initiative of Alexander Megos.. The professional climber, together with friends and family, has been committed to helping the civilian population of Ukraine since the beginning of the war.

This is how the auction works

In the following table you will find the current status of the auction and the last bids. If you want to bid, you must place a higher bid than the last entry in the table.

To place a bid, please fill out the form below.

Current status of bids (table)

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